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??? Hui-Sheng Chang (TAIWAN) / ??? Chung-Han Yao (TAIWAN)
Nigel Brown (Australia) / ??? Wang, Chung-Kun (TAIWAN)

Date : 22th Nov 2007
Time : 8:00p.m.
Venue : KLUUBB
Address: 14/F, Footak Building, 367 Hennessy Road, WanChai, Hong Kong
????????367????14? t. +852 8171 7211
HKD$ 70 DOOR ONLY (Incl. one drink)
Enquiries : 25910499, 95706617 or whitenoise(@), info(@)

Artists Information:

??? Hui-Sheng Chang (TAIWAN)
?????? ????
Extended Vocal Technique improvisation.
In a language other than speaking or singing, the voice present itself with strange yet intimate sound.

??? Chung-Han Yao (TAIWAN)
? ???
The gap between the points of departure and destination.

Nigel Brown (Australia)
For the performance at KLUUBB Nigel will be in accordion and laptop mode, processing the instrument's breath and tone to create sparse rhythms and drones.

??? Wang, Chung-Kun (TAIWAN)
Sound of Bottles 07’
Motor, pip, bottles, water, air compressor, laptop

???????Big Bang?- ????????????????????????????????????????????
Sound of Bottle ???????????
‘Big Bang’ is a series of work that investigate 100 reasons to create sound. Trying to find physical methods for sounding in existing objects in response to the digitalised electronic sound.
‘Sound of Bottle’ is the first work of this series.