wavering heat waves...delirium, eternal youth and summer bliss - trypptikks sykadelliks terrifying hilarity and euphoria

a night of psychedelic video, art, noise, music and warrior

Thursday July 20th 2006
Blizzarts 3956A boul Saint Laurent

6pm - 10:30pm

Brendan Reed
Nicolas Chausseau & Nicolas Ceccaldi
Vinh Truong


Sinbad Richardson
Tyler Rauman

Patrick Dyer
"...in his newer work (nature morte) darkness is not meant to imply evil or pessimism but intends to create the mindspace necessary for vision to become infinitely open to interpretation as in the reception of bardo hallucinations by the ecstatic visionary."

Shawn Kuruneru

Metis Yeti (nnnoisseee....fred.)

"Using broken microphones, various effect pedals, an old walkman and a careless attitude, Metis Yeti creates soundscapes that are as disturbing and loud as they are simple and heartfelt. Processing feedback in various maners, Metis Yeti writes songs about hunters, smoking mothers and Iranian uranium."

Ray Dark (Nicolas Chausseau) - www.myspace.com/raydark (casio composition genius..master in music composition @ UdeM)

DJ Flying Buttress

$PWYC or $5 w/ a copy of Warrior

info: ashley@warriormagazine.org

WARRIOR Magazine
Tel: 514-667-1389
15 Mont- Royal west #110, Montreal, Qc. H2T 2R9






Saturday, May 20th 2006
Tikiroom @ Tranzac – 292 Brunswick Ave (@ Bloor)
Toronto, ON

w/ Wyrd Visions (Toronto, members of Awesome)

Dimanche le 21 Mai 2006
La Pharmacie Esperanza – 5490 boul Saint-Laurent (@ St-Viateur)
Montreal, QC

w/ Magali Babin (Montreal, No Type)

LUCKY DRAGONS – Providence RI www.hawksandsparrows.org Glitch/folk -- sensor skin contact dancefreakout performance - Electronic, organic, interactive…

...formed in 1999. The cut and paste digital derivative of musique concrete, melodic memory, splintery soft glitches, anxious dada, dirty indie, beautytronics. Lucky dragons is Luke Fischbeck, who edits it like a magazine to make sure it stays going. There are so many others to share the light, though: singing, drawing, dancing, touching, plucking and spinning or sewing with sound files or just listening really well. We are a diy sound branding and sound breaking collective. Records are densely knit collages of ecstatic language, folk melodies, and AM radio rave ups. Live shows are convulsive celebrations of sounds from hard drives and gentle skin contact. Our aesthetic is handmade. Contributing members currently live in Providence RI, Philadelphia PA, coastal Southern California and New York City.

...Lucky Dragons have performed in such festivals as Versionfest (Chicago), SINfest (NYC), Boston Cyberarts and RHfest  (Boston, MA), Listening in the Sound Kitchen (Princeton University) etc…

MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/luckydragons
MP3s: http://www.hawksandsparrows.org/downloads.html
Picture: http://static.flickr.com/37/76947294_984ed7b704.jpg?v=0

WINDUP BIRD aka Joseph Grimm – Providence, RI   www.thewindupbird.com

Drawing inspiration from 60's composers like Terry Riley and Gyorgy Ligeti, Joseph Grimm is an emerging composer and performer whose works straddle the line between electroacoustic new music composition and underground experimental noise. Working under the name The Wind-Up Bird, Grimm's music often explores polyrhythm by juxtaposing many simultaneous tempos and periodicities. Oceanic, subliminal drones vibrate below clouds of warm digital pinpricks. Using delay networks, distortions, and other modulations, Grimm performs gradual but drastic transformations of input from live sound sources, emphasizing real-time creation, metamorphosis, and improvisation. His work is often realized with the aid of custom software programmed in the max|msp environment. He has used violin, pedal steel guitar, horns, marimba, and other instruments; but recent work uses only the singing voice as a sound source for hallucinogenic, surround-sound drone improvisations.

WYRD VISIONS (Members of Awesome, Bluefog) Toronto
www.myspace.com/wyrdvisions  www.bluefogrecordings.com
Wyrd Visions takes inspiration from his Nordic black metal roots, with special attention paid to bands like Ulver, Burzum, and Thorns. The cryptic lyrics implicitly reference themes common within this genre. Fantastic settings and creatures emerge into the mind as he strums and picks at his guitar. The movements seem to take on a life of their own: breathing and surging forward, like a mass devoid of form, comprised of countless individual cells, all working in unison to push-on through a field of damp magic. There is never any hint of where the music might go. It flows from song to song effortlessly, sliding through the fog, ultimately delivering the listener to a place inside of themselves that they never thought existed – a place where magic exists and dreams are real. Wyrd Visions' surreal eye of worlds lost to the ebb of time are eerily re-awakened here to remind us that we are never far away from eternal night and a place where the marvelous is beautiful.

Label:  No Type – www.notype.com
audio art
apple, bee, caviar, disk, echo, friends, gum, hockey, icicle, jeans, kleenex, light, money, nature, orange, plates, quire, rice, slat, television, umbrella, vomit, walkie-talkie, xerox, young men, zoom distortion/p>
abat-jour, braise, cap de roue, dents, eau, filles, grenouilles, housse, ipéca, jambes, k7, lave-glace, marche, neige, os, peau, quincaillerie, radio, salive, tissus, utérus, viande, watt, xylophone, yeuse, zinc

senseless sweat, with celestial soot