LOUDSPKR co-curates LO<->NO TECH exhibition @ Videotage
Opening 4 OCT for October Contemporary

Lo <-> No Tech opens Thursday 4 October @ Videotage
7:30pm with a special laser performance by Robin Fox, 9pm

Exhibition thru 4 October – 9 November 2007

Participating artists: Stella Brennan (NZ), Lawrence English (AU),
Francis Lam (HK), Ellen Pau (HK), Eric Siu (HK) Performance by: Robin

'Low<-->No Tech' is an exhibition featuring contemporary media artists inspired by old technology to create new work. The artists in this exhibition explore qualities and aesthetics of low-tech, and values within manual medias and methods. In an increasingly hi-tech and complex society, there is a certain nostalgia and desire for simplicity. Artists in this exhibition discover value in old ideas within notions of vintage, retro, analog, manual and lo-tech. These artists take on the challenges of the obsolescence of objects and ideas to introduce new qualities and aesthetics to the past.

Robin Fox's laser show describes, in three-dimensional visual space, the geometry of sound. Enveloping the audience in synchronous sound and light information, the experience resembles a synaesthetic experience where what you hear is also what you see. The same electricity generated to move the speaker cones is sent simultaneously to high-speed motors that deflect the laser light on an x/y axis. The laser-based performance is an extension of previous work undertaken using Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes to create audio-visual equivalence. Recent performances have taken place across Australia, Japan and Europe.



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